M Squared Safety is committed to send your employees home safely every day.


M Squared Safety is a family owned and operated company. 


M Squared Safety’s experience, unwavering commitment to safety and top-notch service makes us

uniquely qualified to help your organization build an inherent safety culture.


Let M Squared Safety health and safety consultants execute safety training objectives,

make organizations regulatory compliant, create safe work environments, lower insurance costs,

reduce workers’ compensation claims. increase productivity and reduce operating expenses.

M Squared Safety Strives to Improves Your Companies Performance and Bottom Line

Safety Culture

Create Greater Awareness of Safety and Health Concerns Preventative Measures, Workforce and Business Performance

Risk Management

Improve Employee Risk Identification, Analysis and Response


Simplify Regulatory Reporting at ALL Levels

Corporate Governance

Education, Accountability, Transparency, and Management


Reduce Claims and Cost.  Increase Efficiency, Productivity and Profit


Lower Safety and Health Incidents Improve Employee Morale and Develop Client Confidence



M Squared Safety's vision is to raise employee’s consciousness, encourage responsibility for their safety and the safety of the people around them, thereby creating a safer work environment.



M Squared Safety's mission is to protect people, property and our clients profits by providing expert guidance, proper training and excellent leadership on all environmental health and safety issues.

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